The latest development of Perm scientists – heavy-duty cellulose

Cellulose, which is stronger than steel

On strength this material surpasses even stainless steel, although in fact it is a unique nanomaterial based on cellulose, created by a team of scientists from the Perm State National Research University under the leadership of Alexander Maksimov.

Under the microscope, the material is a dense needle-shaped crystalline mass, which forms an ultrahigh strength. An important advantage of unusual cellulose is that it will be produced from a huge amount of waste from pulp and paper mills that create serious environmental problems.

And yet the most important quality of this unique material is pseudo plasticity, that is, the ability to adapt to various external influences. So, in a typical environment, nanocellulose is viscous, when it acts mechanically, it resembles a liquid, and becomes solid in a solid state.

The new technology is in the experimental stage. The matter behind the implementation of the project in real production. Some local enterprises have already expressed their willingness to take part in such an ambitious prospective project.

In the future, a unique material can become the basis for the production of light and heavy-duty parts, bullet-proof vests, materials for the needs of medicine and other products.

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